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ARX can help brokers secure placement solutions across a range of property insurance sectors. Within each of our targeted sectors, we are also able to support a range of product types and policy manuscripts.


Strata title is a unique form of property ownership, designed to allow multiple parties to share ownership of a subdivided property asset.


Residential Strata is the most common form of strata development throughout Australia and can range from a conventional apartment block, to a multi layered property development. As is the case with every risk type, residential strata comes with various specific risk considerations, including regulatory requirements.

At ARX, we understand the intricacies of residential strata and subsequent insurance and risk considerations. Utilising our in depth understanding of this market segment, we seek to offer comprehensive assistance and coverage options for high-value residential strata assets.

We can provide ground-up support or work in conjunction with Strata or ISR products to ensure the policy holder receives the best possible coverage for their unique needs.

Our team is experienced in evaluating all types of strata risks, including residential properties, mixed tenancies, building management committees, and company titles. Our capabilities also extend to offering solutions for staged developments, which are often time critical, complex and can involve a combination of property types.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific risk profiles and tailor our coverage options to meet their individual needs.


With growing regulatory pressures and limited markets, our goal is to help brokers seek sustainable strata insurance solutions, to help protect their client’s investment and manage risks effectively.

today for more information on how we can help you with residential strata solutions.

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