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ARX can help brokers secure placement solutions across a range of property insurance sectors. Within each of our targeted sectors, we are also able to support a range of product types and policy manuscripts.


Strata title is a unique form of property ownership, designed to allow multiple parties to share ownership of a subdivided property asset.


Residential Strata is the most common form of strata development throughout Australia and can range from a conventional apartment block, to a multi layered property development. As is the case with every risk type, residential strata comes with various specific risk considerations, including regulatory requirements.

At ARX, we understand the intricacies of residential strata and subsequent insurance and risk considerations. Utilising our in depth understanding of this market segment, we seek to offer comprehensive assistance and coverage options for high-value residential strata assets.

We can provide ground-up support or work in conjunction with Strata or ISR products to ensure the policy holder receives the best possible coverage for their unique needs.

Our team is experienced in evaluating all types of strata risks, including residential properties, mixed tenancies, building management committees, and company titles. Our capabilities also extend to offering solutions for staged developments, which are often time critical, complex and can involve a combination of property types.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific risk profiles and tailor our coverage options to meet their individual needs.


With growing regulatory pressures and limited markets, our goal is to help brokers seek sustainable strata insurance solutions, to help protect their client’s investment and manage risks effectively.

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Commercial strata is another common form of Strata Title development within Australia, whereby the underlying ‘lots’ are utilised for commercial purposes.


Commercial strata property can range from office blocks, retail malls or mixed-use tenancy developments. In addition to the typical Strata title insurance consideration, Commercial strata developments maintain their own unique characteristics which need to be considered during the insurance process.

At ARX, our speciality in procuring solutions for strata property, extends to commercial developments and tenancies. Our insurance network includes several specialist commercial carriers, which can complement traditional markets.

Our team of experts offer strata insurance solutions for high asset value commercial or mixed used occupancies, Australia wide.

We understand the unique risks involved in commercial strata ownership and work closely with our clients to evaluate their specific needs and tailor our coverage options to meet their requirements.

Commercial STRATA

Our goal is to provide sustainable options and solutions to help protect the policyholder’s investments and manage risks effectively.

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Industrial strata title, an extension to commercial strata title, refers to property developments, predominantly utilised for industrial purposes.


These occupancy types can range from storage, warehousing, to manufacturing, and are typically occupied by various tenants.

To protect against the various risks that can occur, industrial strata insurance policies are taken out to cover the shared areas and amenities, as well as the common property. However, due to the diverse range of tenancies occupying a site, it can be often challenging to manage risk effectively and secure coverage. As a result, insurers tend to be quite restrictive in their policies.

At ARX, we specialise in providing insurance services to the industrial strata sector. Our team is well-equipped to work on tailored insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We understand that each risk is different and requires a personalised approach.

We strive to provide customised coverage that aligns with our clients' specific needs and concerns. Our goal is to provide comprehensive protection that gives our clients peace of mind knowing their industrial strata properties are covered.

industrial strataindustrial strata

Our goal is to provide sustainable options and solutions to help protect the policyholder’s investments and manage risks effectively.

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Commercial / General Property

Commercial Property (non-strata) is a prominent in the Australian development space.

At its foundation, Commercial Property can include any type of real estate whereby its core function is to generate profit for its owner. This can range from buildings that are utilised by businesses, land that is intended for making a profit or even multi-lot residential developments (non-strata).

ARX can assist with property insurance solutions to support property owners with high limit multi-risk locations. This includes various general commercial property assets such as shopping centres, hotels, hospitality venues, education facilities, and other general retail areas.


The team at ARX specialise in placement for commercial property insurance.

We know that Australian property is exposed to various perils which can result in significant financial and physical losses for businesses. Therefore, we offer various flexible solutions to help businesses assess and manage their property risks.


Our goal is to provide sustainable options and solutions to help protect the policyholder’s investments and manage risks effectively.

We can provide ground-up support or work with local manuscripts such as Strata or ISR.

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Build to Rent is a development type whereby a single owner, entity or similar retains ownership of all lots or units, typically for investment purposes.

Whilst Built to Rent has existed outside of Australia for many years, it is a relatively new concept within the local property space, whereby
coverage availability can be limited.

ARX seeks to support this emerging sector, by working closely with our insurer and broker partners to develop customisable solutions for Built to Rent owners.

Build to Rent



It enables people living in major cities to access affordable housing options that are closer to universities, hospitals, and airports, saving them from having to travel for hours.


Institutional funds are now requesting tenants to sign longer lease agreements. This provides tenants with more stability as they won't have to worry about the property being sold or having to move out due to shorter lease agreements.



For institutional funds, longer leases mean more reliable income and a reduced risk of lost income when the property is in between shorter leases or on the market.


Build to Rent often provides a community feel to the residents, while sometimes incorporating facilities such as pools, gyms, wellness facilities and more.

Build to RentBuild to Rent

With capabilities to modify both existing products and offer new customises solutions, ARX is able to assist navigate through the placement challenges faced by many Built to Rent owners

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ARX provides support to brokers within the staged developments sector.

Build to Rent

A staged strata development is a planned scheme intended to be developed in various phases. For a staged development strata plan, a developer must provide a disclosure document that outlines the upcoming developments planned for the scheme.

ARX can assist with setting up policies and increasing value and capacity for new developments. ARX also offers scalable capacity for seamless endorsements throughout each stage of the construction cycle.

Build to Rent


Staged development provides three key benefits to large projects that involve multiple stakeholders.


Staged developments

increase predictability about the project’s future.


Staged developments

ensure that subsequent development activities align with a stakeholder’s expectations.


Staged developments

allow utility and value exchange to occur without delay.


ARX can create a comprehensive insurance policy for any strata building staged development that is tailored to meet the specific requirements of a project.

STAGED DEVELOPMENTSindustrial strata

ARX has extensive knowledge within the staged developments sector, which allows us to develop policies that effectively cover specific risks, exposures, and capacity limitations.

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